MITIC engages in high level advocacy on behalf of its members as its principal activity. In addition however, to enhance the value of their membership, a full suite of supporting business services is provided to members including:


Law Matters
• We provide panel lawyer to protect you business


• Register private limited company
• Register offshore labuan company
• Register branch & representative office under MIDA
• Open company bank account
• Personal & company tax -> Click here for more info
• Audit & accounting


• Employment pass without company
• Employment pass with own company
• Student pass
• Malaysia my second home – MM2H
• Tourist visa extension


• Travel agent license
• WRT license
• Local authority license
• Business license


• To clear good from custom in airport & port
• To reduce import duty


Business Assistance
Approach and understand the Malaysian market
• First market approach including product/market preanalysis and representation of companies at trade fairs
• Market survey including price survey
• Market research tailored to your needs
• Credit reports, translation, logistic support
• Business development & implementation strategy


Prospect the Malaysian market efficiently
We can help you identify and meet potential contacts through prospective missions:
• Identification and targeting of Malaysian partners (agents, distributors, suppliers, industrial partners)
in line with your project, using our database and creating the appropriate network
• Scheduling of on-site meetings
• Logistic and linguistic services


Commercial representation
During your first steps on the Malaysian market, we can provide you with a part-time assistance to represent your company locally, allowing you to limit your initial investment (rental, salaries) to a minimum. We can:
• Represent you for a short term (during a trade show…) or long term
• Follow up on business mission and your first market approach
• Continue prospecting and securing your commercial relationship with your Malaysian contacts
• Coordinate information requests
• Present a serious attitude, securing a long-term reputation of credibility
• Ensure effective communication


Verification of local companies
We can help you verify the authenticity of local companies, which is strongly advised before conducting any business transaction in Malaysia.

Our verification will include company information such as:
• Registration Number
• Nature of Business
• Basic financial information
• Others related information